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Social Firms Wales is the National Support Agency that supports social enterprises that want to adopt Social Firms principles and values to create places of work that are inclusive, supportive, enabling and progressive.
Our values: Equality through Enterprise, Employment and Empowerment


A business that recognises, values and includes everybody's unique contribution to developing diverse places with opportunities, especially those who experience discrimination in finding work, training or volunteering, including: 

  • Black and Ethnic Minority people
  • LGBTQ+ people
  • People Living with a Learning, physical, and sensory disability
  • Neurodivergent people
  • People leaving Prison  
  • People with experience of homelessness
  • People Managing recovery of substance misuse
  • People Managing mental health issues


Meaningful work, employability skills and fair pay: 

  • Support and train people to have meaningful work that matches each employees abilities, encourages their potential and pays a fair wage.
  • Aim for at least 30%  of employees and trainees to be disabled or disadvantaged people, reflecting the diversity of their communities and society.


Building confidence and belonging 

  • A diverse workforce community where people feel  valued, useful and included
  • Support and training that enables each person to work to the best of their abilities and potential
  • Creating inclusive work environments providing work, training, volunteering and participation
  • Fair wages that help people to contribute to the economy
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