Why buy from Social Firm?

Simply because you are buying from an ethical, environmentally friendly and supportive employer. Click on a category opposite to browse all the companies that comply with the Social Firms core values.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade in the market with a social purpose. They use business tools and techniques to achieve social aims and include an incredibly wide range of organisations, for example co-operatives, development trusts, community enterprises, housing associations, Social Firms, and leisure trusts. Most importantly voluntary and community groups are increasingly looking to Social Enterprise to fund the services they offer, as other sources of funding become more difficult to access.

Social enterprises are set up and run as businesses, but all profits must be reinvested for social purposes. A new legal form has been created to govern them, the ‘Community Interest Company’, and there is a regulator. CICs have to prove to the regulator that they have been set up for community benefit rather than private advantage, and the profits must be reinvested.


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