Funding search tips

• Be clear about what and who you need a grant for.

• Check the funder’s website for up-to-date information.

• Read the guidance – what they will & will not fund.

• Read all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if available. Only contact the funder (some ask not to be contacted) if you still have questions about your project or idea – most are very helpful.

• Only apply if the funder meets your priorities.

• Plan ahead – most responses are 4-6 months and sometimes longer, for example, if they have a 2 stage process or they have questions about your application.

• Most funders have an average amount they fund and not the maximum shown.

• Have a list of at least three funders for the activity or project you want to apply for. If you are successful with more than one you need to tell the other funders.

• Sign up to funders newsletters – our weekly newsletter includes grants information

• If available, read case studies/ stories to get an idea of what they fund.

• Unsuccessful? Ask for feedback unless the funders say they won’t give feedback.


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