Make better funding applications

Make better funding applications

• Check what the funder will & will not fund.

• Some funders also accept video applications – check the funder’s website.

• Call / email the funder if you have checked their website but cannot find answer to your questions.

• Use simple language, no jargon. If you must use jargon, explain it.

• You must show there is a local demand for your activity/ project. Do your local research including speaking to the people who will benefit from your activity/services/ goods.

• Submit or send the application in as early as you can before the deadline.

• Online forms: Copy the questions onto a word document fand work from this until you are ready to add the information to the form.

• Costs & budget - keep information about how you have calculated them - funders sometimes ask, & useful for you too.

• Numbers of beneficiaries - be realistic & have information to show how you calculated numbers.

• Keep documents funders ask for in one file so they are easy to find, including latest accounts, policies, governing document (e.g., Constitution, Articles) staff list, trustee list, business plan.

• Value for Money means quality, not always high numbers.


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