Getting ready to apply for funding

Whether you are going to apply for grants, contracts, loans, social investment, sponsorship or ask for donations, make sure you have the following in place:

• Be clear about the problem or issue you want to solve.

• Will enough people use your service or product - is there a need, demand, or market?

• The change or difference you want to make (sometimes called outcomes) and what you will do – services/goods/activities.

• You have the right skills and abilities to run the enterprise or project, including planning, managing money, people & places.

• The organisation or enterprise has the right legal structure & that the directors/ trustees understand the governing document (set of rules) , roles & responsibilities.

• Budget: How much money you will need for example, for staff, volunteer expenses, activity costs, bills, equipment, insurances.

• You have the right policies and procedures in place e.g., Safeguarding, Health and safety, Equal Opportunity, Volunteering, Employees, GDPR - keeping personal information safe and secure.

• What information you will collect about who is using your services - monitoring; how you will check how well the service or product is doing – evaluation.


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