What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is support in the form of money, goods, or services by one organisation, often a private business, to another – a charity or social enterprise. Both benefit from increased &positive publicity, reach more of their target community &customers.


Tips - finding the right sponsor

• Remember, relationship building takes time.

• Get to know your local businesses - make a list by asking people you know if they have contacts with businesses; speak to local businesses.

• Research: Find out as much as you can about the possible sponsor.

• Tell your story & be clear about what you want the sponsorship for - show it in a format that can be shared e.g., email, video, PowerPoint.

• Invite the business to see the work you do to help understanding of what you want to achieve for the community.

• Ask how the business can help e.g., goods, help from staff, money, publicity – agree this in writing, &monitor your progress.

• Sponsorship can be for one time e.g., for an event, or on a long-term basis. Like any partnership the sponsor &sponsored enterprise must find it useful.

• The business or sponsor will probably want their logo displayed &mentioned in publicity &social media – sponsoring social enterprises gives businesses a positive community profile &publicity.

• The business needs to be right for your enterprise &the sponsorship must be positive & useful for both.

• Thank the business &tell them how their contribution makes a difference.

• Like grants there are many potential sponsors; refusal from one does not mean others will refuse!


Useful video on corporate sponsorship by Sported UK

Sported UK Deputy CEO Tom Burstow has been fundraising through companies for 20 years. The You Tube video includes useful information based on his experiences.

Introduction to Corporate Fundraising May 2020 - YouTube


Possible sources of sponsorship

• Businesses near you – shops, factories, warehouses

• Ask people you know including your networks, stakeholders, directors, trustees, staff, volunteers , family, friends &community - they might know or work for someone or a business that could support you.

• The businesses you buy your goods from

• Large local charities

• Social enterprises


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