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A social firm is one form of social enterprise, and subscribes to the three values of Enterprise, Employment and Empowerment.

Combining commercial orientation with a social mission, Social Firms offer a supportive work place for people who are traditionally discriminated against in terms of gaining employment, including:

• Disability
• Managing mental health issues
• Ex-offenders
• Homelessness
• Ex-substance misuse

They are not segregated workplaces - Ideally, around 25-50% of the workforce will have some recognised disability or disadvantage, but it will be in an environment of mixed ability, reflective of the society we live in. They are also real commercial businesses, aiming to generate at least 50% of their income through trading, with as little possible dependency on government or grant subsidy. A Social Firm should aim to empower individuals to be the best they can - to command equal pay, equal right and to progress and improve themselves, whatever their background.

Full Membership

Open for emerging, developing and full Social Firms

Associate Membership

Open for those with an interest in the Social Firm model of social enterprise:

• Social Enterprise – emerging, developing and established
• Individuals

Public Sector Membership

Open for Public Sector bodies with an interest in the Social Firm model of social enterprise

Corporate Membership – by invitation only

Open for private organisations that support the work of Social Firms Wales with an interest in the Social Firm model of social enterprise. Your support is needed to actively support and help grow the number of Social Firms in Wales and the United Kingdom


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