Procurement and supply chain

Procurement is all about the purchase of goods and services or a mix of both by any businesses, third sector organisation and public sector departments to enable them to operate.

The supply chain is made up of a diverse range of businesses from sole traders to larger businesses and multi-national companies who sell a wide range of goods and services or a mix of both to other businesses, third sector organisations and public sector departments to enable them to operate, or direct to the general public.

All too often when talking about procurement the focus falls too readily on what is purchased by the public sector. Admittedly the public sector in Wales spends approximately £5.4 billion, don’t forget the overall procurement arena is far wider. Every business from a sole trader to multi-nationals purchase goods and services.

Public Sector procurement is heavily regulated as money being spent comes in the first instance from the purse of the general public. Therefore, all government departments are accountable for its spend and must ensure that the purchase of any goods and services has been undertaken by undertaking a fair and transparent process.
Private Sector procurement is less regulated, having greater flexibility than Public Sector procurement, mostly accountable to the businesses owners, Directors and Shareholders. The majority of private sector businesses will have some form of procurement policy that outlines how goods and services are purchased. In many cases this policy will include or is linked to a corporate social responsibility policy.

Social Firms Wales works with Welsh procurements professionals to support Social Firms (enterprises) to be part of supply chains to tender independently, as part of a consortia group.

For further information contact San Leonard on 07799 345 940 or email [email protected]

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