Coleshill Community

Coleshill Community

The Coleshill Community is a group of service users of the Coleshill Centre in Llanelli. They help to run the Centre and promote its use and services for the benefit of others.

Coleshill is an ambitious project that aims to change the lives – for the better – of many disengaged and disabled people and those with long term of chronic health problems. It is the first of its kind in Wales, run by Carmarthenshire County Council as an embryonic Local Authority Trading Company. Known as a Centre for Economic Inclusion, the project brings together, under one roof, a set of services and amenities including training, therapies, advice services, social settings business services and more.

Coleshill houses a number of partner organisations, all offering complementary services. These include Carmarthenshire People First, The Disability Coalition, Access4Life, Carmarthenshire Disabled Access Group, Communities First Debt Counselling, Catch-UP benefits advice and Barnardo’s Young Carers.

Tel: 01554 742625


Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

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