My Gig Guide CIC - Minty's Gig Guide

My Gig Guide CIC or Minty's Gig Guide has a vision to bring Wales’ cultural landscape to the front, making it fully accessible, visible and inclusive to every individual living, working and visiting the Land of Song.


To make live music accessible, visible & inclusive to everyone by:

  • presenting an easily digestible yet comprehensive form of event information, bilingually, displayed with parity across a vibrant, colourful canvas from the perspective of a fan.
  • advocating, standing up for & helping to protect the cultural fabric of music venues & spaces in Wales and its capital city, whilst adapting to reflect the zeitgeist
  • giving platform to people & the volume of diversity in the community; shining light on causes, stories; sharing values & moments that need to be seen and heard.
  • functioning as a community owned platform – led by the community, fed by the community reaching for local, regional and visitor engagement.
  • openly working alongside other organisations and local authorities to bridge social & cultural gaps in economically disadvantaged & marginalized areas by supporting and sharing opportunities and information


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