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ARC Communities, Achieving Recovery in the Community is an organisation who assists the homeless and those close to the poverty line. 

Local communities have supported their work as have the local authorities and a variety of professional organisations working in the Criminal Justice field. Because they have chosen to operate outside of typical charitable funding streams, they are reliant on the regular sponsorship and donations that come in from the local community to cover the cost of our food bills and volunteer expenses.

The Drop-Ins are manned almost entirely by teams of volunteers who undertake a whole range of duties which include catering, mentoring, gardening and cleaning.

They have developed a scheme where local organisations, groups or individuals sponsor their local project an amount per week they feel they can afford to help towards the provision of a hot meal. They have had an excellent response from the faith based community in Colwyn Bay, and are now seeking to expand this sponsorship scheme more generally in North Wales

"ARC Communities seek to inspire, motivate and care for people living in chaos or crisis, without prejudice or discrimination, supporting them back into stability and independent living within their communities by embracing them as unique, necessary and totally worthwhile members of society"

Tel:  01492 535626

Colwyn Bay

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