Lylac Ridge

Lylac Ridge


Lylac Ridge provides opportunities for children and young people, particularly those experiencing ‘disadvantage’, to grow emotionally and learn through interaction with a range of animals, this is called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) using Animal Assisted Activities (AAA).

This provides children and young people with an opportunity to learn about animals, incorporating their behaviour, how to care for them and the environment in which they live, and how this relates to us.

• AAT is a formal, structured method whereby animals are used to aid and improve the well being of a person suffering from psychological or physical illness or injury.

•  AAA stands for Animal Assisted Activities provide opportunities for motivational, educational and/or recreational benefits to enhance the quality of life.
•  AAE stands for Animal-Assisted Education - a specialized application of AAA or AAT directed at students and classroom interactions.


Tel: 01633 612 286

Newport, Gwent,

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