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Vintage MaryDei is a social enterprise business set up by two sisters Nerys Ann Roberts and Mair Jones to support carers in the Denbigh area, in memory of their parents, Mary and Dei Jones. They cared for them for many years as their mother suffered with vascular dementia and their father became disabled following a fall. It was a pleasure to care for them but it was an enormous struggle to secure the services they needed to keep them at home together, which was their wish. During this time they met so many carers who were looking after their loved ones with such determination and often with little support.

From this experience the motivation for Vintage MaryDei came about. Their main hub is the Vintage clothes shop based in Hall Square in Denbigh and they now operate an online shop via their website. They collect clothes of all kind and also arrange a variety of community events, from Fashion Shows to Gigs to various workshops, to raise awareness of their aims and to raise funds.

They are increasingly meeting more carers and are listening to them. As they develop the business they will begin to provide the kind of services that they tell us is lacking. For the present, they are providing a listening and sensitive ear and signposting them to sources of support available.

When they were carers, they had such little opportunity to offload the stresses and strains. Vintage MaryDei is determined to create a space where carers can be listened to, be informed but also be enabled to escape and have some creative and fun times, even for a few hours.


Denbigh, Denbighshire

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