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Since 2004 the Felin Uchaf charity has been transforming a traditional Welsh farmhouse and its surrounding land that had been redundant for decades into a vibrant Visitor & Community Enterprise.

Their aim is to help generate and support new green business initiatives and rural enterprises that make responsible use of the area's natural resources. The Eco-Centre is situated at the heart of the Llyn, within this rural Communities First Area there is a pressing need to create new employment opportunities; their approach is to find innovative and sustainable ways of using local resources to seed new enterprises.

One of their projects The Seed Building and Oak Framed Boatbuilding Workshop aims to showcase just that: how locally sourced raw materials and traditional building skills can be creatively combined to construct contemporary workspaces for appropriately scaled rural enterprises.

Tel: 01758 780280

Pwllheli, Gwynedd 

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