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Pontydd Bespoke Autism Support Services CIC was founded in January 2023 by two colleagues Gaynor Preece and Luke Dean who bring a mix of professional working expertise and lived experience of neurological conditions.


They provide bespoke emotional, social and practical support services to people living with autism and their families to help reduce the gap between those who identify as neuro diverse and neuro typical. Luke who himself is diagnosed with autism (neurodivergent) has direct experience of ‘being done to’ as he states, a classic example of “what not to do.”

They are designing all services focusing on the needs and wants of those they support, putting the voice and control of each individual to design a best service as top priority, enabling best life to be lived for each individual customer. Their vision is to provide a unique service that will break down barriers to support autistic individuals to live full and independent lives in an inclusive and equal society where all contributions are equal.

Phone: 07852668575


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