Recycle / Up cycle project

Friday, 27 January 2017
Recycle / Up cycle project

A major retailer with a national presence is looking to set up a textile take back service in its stores.


They are looking to run a pilot project in their Cardiff store and looking for interested partners, particularly charities or social enterprises to be involved. It is key for this retailer that there is not only an environmental but also a social benefit to the project.


The project is at an early stage and a particular business model has not yet been agreed. It may be that a number of business models are piloted however the following list provides a general overview of the proposals.

  • Customers/the public will bring unwanted textiles into store – ideally home furnishings but will take any type of textile
  • A charity/social enterprise will collect the textiles from the store and take to their facility and sort
  • Clothing or other textiles that can be directly reused can be sold/passed on by that charity or organisation
  • Textiles that can be upcycled or repurposed will be passed onto a social enterprise / charity that for that purpose
  • Once upcycled or repurposed by these organisations these items will be displayed for sale in a specific area of the major retailers store
  • The  major retailer will publicise this service through instore events such as repair and refurbish workshops etc


A number of different types of organisations offering different services maybe involved:


  • Collection
  • Sorting and storage
  • Retail outlets for reused items
  • Upcycling / sewing skills – both those to do the work and those to train people to sew


We are looking for organisations that can provide all, some or just one of the services above


For more information and to express interest, please contact [email protected]

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